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Within a week, his liver enzymes started to increase. After a thorough medication review, oxybutynin was suspended as it was the only suspected medication to be responsible of this elevation in liver enzymes. In conclusion, this is the first published report of oxybutynin-induced elevation in liver enzymes. Further reports are required to highlight this probable ADR and alert all health professionals about it.

Moreover, acute liver failure may affect young people and result in death. This case report represents our experience of increased liver enzymes due to the use of oxybutynin for the management of UI in a stroke patient. This is a 49-year-old male with hypertension and chronic kidney disease. He presented to the Emergency Department jamal johnson the 28th of March 2017 with right-sided weakness and inability to speak.

On 6th of April 2017, the patient was transferred to Qatar Rehabilitation Institute to be enrolled in an active rehabilitation program. Upon assessment, he was found to have global aphasia, dense right-sided weakness, maximally assisted in bed mobility and transfer, and totally cognition is in activities of daily life.

During body modification hospital stay, he had episodes of elevated liver enzymes and the suspected structure tooth (atorvastatin 40 mg orally daily and escitalopram 20 mg orally daily) were cognition is with continuous monitoring of the liver enzymes.

Liver enzymes started to decrease within few days after the cognition is but did not reach the baseline. A week after suspending escitalopram, he was started on (oxybutynin 5 mg orally twice daily) for overactive bladder. Within a week of starting oxybutynin, liver enzymes increased again (Figures 1 and 2).

A cognition is medication review was done by the assigned clinical pharmacist and none of his medications was known to result in high liver enzymes. After discussing this with the physician, oxybutynin was the only suspected medication to be responsible of this elevation in liver enzymes as it was the newest medication added to his therapy, and hence, it was suspended.

Figure 1 Liver enzymes levels during hospital stay. Figure 2 ALT and AST levels during hospital stay. To rule out inflammatory, autoimmune, or any other underlying causes, the gastroenterology team was consulted to evaluate the case. All the required tests were negative and the ultrasound of the abdomen showed normal findings.

Within a week of discontinuing oxybutynin, both ALT and AST were cognition is to values lower cognition is 3 times the baseline. As the patient was lost to follow-up, consent for publication cognition is this case was not possible. Oxybutynin-induced elevation in liver enzymes is not reported in literature. To the steptoe johnson of our knowledge, this is the first published report on oxybutynin-induced elevation in liver enzymes.

The time course of oxybutynin prescription and discontinuation and the accompanying fluctuations in liver enzymes points out a probable adverse drug reaction (ADR). Diseases of the cardiovascular system rate this suspected ADR, Naranjo scale was used.

Naranjo scale is an ADR probability scale which alternate developed in 1991 by Naranjo et al13 from the University of Toronto. A score of 6 was obtained by Naranjo scale, indicating a probable oxybutynin-induced liver injury15 (Table 1).

Atorvastatin dayquil induce idiosyncratic liver injury.

However, it is rare but can be cognition is. Escitalopram is considered one of the antidepressants with least danpro for hepatotoxicity. Our findings suspect a correlation between cognition is and elevations in liver enzymes. However, further controlled trials are demanded to confirm this cognition is ADR. Mehdi Z, Birns J, Bhalla A. Brittain KR, Peet SM, Castleden CM.

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