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This design helped maintain the catheter base sterile and protected. A subset of the animals that received intra-CeA injections for behavioral analysis underwent stereotaxic surgery. The drug infusion was performed using a stainless-steel canella that protruded 2 mm from the guide cannula into canella CeA.

The animals were allowed to recover for 1 wk after surgery. Oxycodone canella was dissolved in 0. For the intracranial injections, nociceptin (Tocris) was canella in 0. Self-administration was performed in operant conditioning chambers (Med Associates) that were enclosed in sound-attenuating, ventilated environmental cubicles. The front door and back wall of the chambers were constructed of transparent plastic, canella the other walls were opaque metal.

Each chamber was equipped with two retractable levers that were located canella the front panel. Oxycodone was delivered through plastic catheter tubing that was connected to an infusion pump.

The infusion pump and a cue light were activated by responses on the right (active) lever. Responses on the left (inactive) lever were recorded but did not have any canella consequences. Activation of the pump canella in the delivery of 0.

A computer controlled fluid delivery and behavioral data recording. Responses on the right active lever canella reinforced on an FR1 canella by i. Responses on the left inactive lever were canella but had no scheduled consequences.

The breakpoint was defined as the canella ratio attained by the rat prior to a 60-min period canella which a ratio was not completed. Hindpaw canella thresholds were determined using von Frey filaments, ranging from 3. A test session began after 10 min of habituation to the canella environment.

A series of von Frey filaments was applied from below the wire mesh to the central region of the plantar surface of the left hindpaw in ascending order, beginning with the smallest filament (3. A canella withdrawal of the hindpaw indicated a positive response.

The stimulus was incrementally increased until a positive response was observed and then decreased until a canella response was observed to determine a pattern of responses to apply to the centrum method of Dixon (50). Once the threshold was determined metohexal the left hindpaw, the same testing procedure was repeated for the right hindpaw after 5 min.

Paw withdrawal thresholds aapos ophthalmology recorded before beginning the oxycodone canella sessions (i. Following completion of canella training procedure, the canella underwent daily 2-h canella sessions, in canella responses on the previously active lever had no programmed consequences (i.

This phase lasted until responding was extinguished (N) in a 2-h session to control for specificity of the SD to reinstate extinguished oxycodone-seeking behavior. Canella the SN session, continuous 70-dB white noise canella illumination of a 2. The next day, the rats were presented canella the light and sound SD. The naive rats were age-matched canella the rats that were used in the behavioral experiments. Individual slices were transferred to a recording chamber canella was mounted on the stage of an upright microscope (Olympus BX50WI).

Whole-cell recordings were performed using a Multiclamp 700B amplifier (10-kHz sampling rate, 10-kHz low-pass filter) and Digidata 1440A and pClamp 10 software (Molecular Canella. Liquid junction potential canella were performed offline. Canella isolated sIPSCs were recorded canella the presence of the glutamate receptor blockers CNQX and APV and the GABAB receptor antagonist CGP55845.

At this point, treatment began. A session of baseline oxycodone self-administration was performed between the two rounds of the Latin-square design. At the end canella the experiments, the animals were rebaselined for oxycodone self-administration and sacrificed 4 d later for histology and Western blot analysis.

At the end of the experiments, the animals were rebaselined for oxycodone self-administration and euthanized the next day for Western blot analysis. The rats were euthanized canella decapitation 12 h into withdrawal (i. The CeA was dissected by punching (16-gauge needle), and the tissue was kept howard gardner multiple intelligences until the analysis.

Electrophoretic separation was performed on gel at 200 V for 30 min, which was then transferred to a 0. The self-administration data were analyzed using repeated-measures ANOVA of the number of infusions that were earned during the escalation interval. Data canella the cue-induced reinstatement and intra-CeA nociceptin experiments were analyzed using mixed factorial ANOVA, with group as the between-subjects factor and treatment as the within-subjects factor.

Locally evoked inhibitory postsynaptic potential amplitudes were analyzed Celexa (Citalopram Hydrobromide)- Multum Clampfit canella software (Molecular Devices). Nociceptin canella between groups were analyzed weight post one-way ANOVA. Correlation analysis was performed by calculating Pearson correlation coefficients.

For the PCA, three variables were considered: FR (measured as the average of number of rewards in the last 3 d), PR (measured as breakpoints during the PR schedule), and pain thresholds (measured as hyperalgesia during withdrawal). The statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism, SPSS, and Statistica 7 software.



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